January 1973
CBS sells the New York Yankees for $10 million

Aerosmith releases their debut album.

Elvis Presley’s concert in Hawaii is the first worldwide telecast by an entertainer.

Richard Nixon sworn in for  second term as U.S. President

Miami Dolphins complete the first and only perfect season 

Nixon suspends of action in North Vietnam.

Marcos becomes President for Life of the Philippines.

Roe v. Wade: Supreme Court overturns bans on abortion.

George Foreman defeats Joe Frazier.

U.S. involvement in Vietnam ends 

February 1973
Construction on the CN Tower begins.

The first American pow’s are released from Vietnam.

The American Indian Movement occupies Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

March 1973
Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon is released.

Comet Kohoutek is discovered.

Irish Republican Army bombs explode in Whitehall and the Old Bailey in London.

Last episode of original Laugh-In airs

Few remaining U.S. soldiers begin to leave Vietnam. 

Watergate scandal 

TV soap opera The Young and the Restless debuts.

The Godfather wins best picture.

April 1973
The first handheld mobile phone call is made.

The World Trade Center is officially dedicated.

Artist Pablo Picasso dies.

Israeli commandos raid Beirut. 

Federal Express officially begins operations.

May 1973
The Sears Tower in Chicago is topped-out, becoming the world’s tallest building.

Wounded Knee, South Dakota, ends with the surrender of the militants.

The Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

Skylab, the US’s first space station, is launched.

RCMP celebrate 100 year anniversary.

June 1973
A Tupolev Tu-144 crashes at the Paris air show

A patent for the ATM is granted.

Secretariat the first Triple Crown winner since 1948.

A very long total solar eclipse occurs. 

July 1973
France resumes nuclear bomb tests in Mururoa Atoll

Bruce Lee, American actor, philosopher, dies 

The Soviet Mars 5 space probe is launched.

History tidbits from 1973
From the opening of Maxmilian's Restaurant to the Watergate scandal,

here's a small account of events from 1973

​August 1973
President Nixon resigns in the face of impeachment. 

DJ Kool Herc originates the hip hop music genre 

U.S. Cambodia bombing ends

Gerald Ford sworn as President of the United States.

September 1973
Chile’s democratically elected government is overthrown

The two German Republics, are admitted to the UN.

The Battle of the Sexes: Billie Jean King defeats Bobby Riggs 

Singer-songwriter Jim Croce dies in a plane crash.

The ITT Building in New York City is bombed.

Yankee Stadium, closes for a two-year renovation

October 1973
Sydney Opera House is opened 

The Yom Kippur War begins

Spiro T. Agnew resigns as Vice President of the U.S. 

Students revolt in Bangkok

Typhoon Ruth crosses the Philippines

An OPEC oil embargo triggers the 1973 energy crisis.

The Yom Kippur War ends.

The Canon City 1.4 kilo meteorite, strikes Colorado.

IRA members escape from Mountjoy Prison, Ireland 

November 1973
NASA launches Mariner 10 toward Mercury 

Millennium ‘73 festival is held Egypt and Israel sign cease-fire accord.

Princess Anne marries Captain Mark Phillips

NASA launches Skylab 4 

Construction of the Alaska Pipeline is authorized.

President Nixon tells 400 editors “I am not a crook.”

The Athens Polytechnic uprising occurs in Greece.

18½-minute gap in recordings related to Watergate.

Gerald Ford confirmed as President of the United States.

104 people are killed in a Taiyo department store fire.

December 1973
Papua New Guinea gains self-government.

Pioneer 10 sends back first close-up images of Jupiter.

The American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its DSM-II.

O. J. Simpson first running back to rush for 2,000 yards

Spanish prime minister Blanco is assassinated. 

OPEC doubles the price of crude oil.

Movie premiere of The Sting, is held in Manhattan.

Movie premiere of The Exorcist opensethe U.S.

The Endangered Species Act is passed in the U.S.

In the U.K. the Three-Day Week electricity consumption reduction measure comes into force.