Serving European Cuisine
since 1973.

In The Heart Of Beautiful Heritage Downtown Perth, with our beautiful patio along the Tay River


Maximilian Restaurant is named after an emperor in Bavaria from 1810. King Maximilian I ruled Bavaria from 1806 -1825.


The restaurant got its start over 40 years ago by Miroslav Brandejs and Jana Brandejs, who had emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Toronto. They eventually wound up in Maberly Ontario. Here Miroslav worked at a restaurant called "Old Europe", with another couple.


In the Fall of 1975, Miroslav moved to Perth and opened Maximilian's at it's current location on Gore Street.


​The Brandejs' tradition of excellence serving authentic Bavarian cuisine is today carried on by the current owners Joan, Sheri and Kevin, plus the staff of Maximilian's.

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